Rates and Turnaround

We at Proofproper take pride in providing a high quality service and consequently, we reserve the right to refuse material should we feel that we cannot do it justice in the time allocated us. We appreciate that authors often have deadlines to meet, but equally, authors must appreciate that if we are to do our work well and to your satisfaction, we too need time. Therefore, it is in your interest that you plan well in advance.

Without seeing the text, it is often difficult to estimate how long it will take to proof-read a manuscript, or how much it will cost. Therefore, the best approach is to forward us your manuscript, requesting a free estimate with no obligation. Long pieces of work or material requiring extensive rewriting will inevitably cost more and take longer to complete. Your proof-reader will advise you, prior to commencement, if this is likely to be the case. A £5 minimum charge applies, regardless of text length.


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