General Proof-reading

Proofproper differs from most proof-reading services in that:

  • Our proof-readers are all accomplished academics with Ph.D. degrees.
  • They are experienced authors in their own right who have had their articles published in numerous, prestigious, learned journals.
  • As academics, they are frequently called upon to referee papers, articles and reviews for learned journals.
  • As a result, they are very familiar with all aspects of the peer-review system and are well acquainted with the specific requirements of both authors and editors.
  • We offer a range of personal, proof-reading services at very competitive rates. Typical material includes student essays and dissertations, manuscripts and theses, as well as learned papers and articles.
  • The subject matter submitted to us covers a wide range of disciplines.

Scientific Proof-reading

Proofproper also has proof-readers that are experienced scientists and scientific authors of many years standing, with particular expertise in the field of biological sciences. They are able, not only to correct your manuscript grammatically, but being scientists themselves, also understand and are able to comment on its scientific content. Consequently, they can:

  • Offer advice on the presentation of data.
  • Suggest alternative interpretations for your data and thereby initiate further debate.
  • Suggest novel ways of expressing concepts and hypotheses.
  • Highlight salient points and remove redundant phraseology, as well as point out weaknesses in methodology and interpretation.
  • Suggest ways of improving or simplifying the text so that it can be accessed and understood by a wider readership.


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